Hi, I’m Diana D’Achille

Welcome to my Blog.

Hi there. Welcome to my User Experience blog. I will be documenting my progress throughout my Web Techniques fall semester here. Be sure to bookmark us to follow along. 🙂

A little about me.

I was born and raised in Denville, New Jersey. My father is a computer science professional, so I have been exposed to art and technology at a very young age. My grandmother is a talented fine art painter; a dedicated artist who works long hours. Having the opportunity to attend many of her grandmother’s art shows gave me an initial interest in art.

Currently I am a Brand Visual Designer and Creative Lead for Verizon’s Personalization team. I have worked on numerous innovative projects and have been responsible for many of the visual elements on the Verizon’s website. Some of my assignments have included homepage marquees, landing pages, UI concepts, UI redesigns, and lead designer for many of Verizon’s campaigns and device launches.

I graduate from Marywood University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Multimedia. During my time at Marywood I was a four year member of Marywood’s cross country varsity team and a three year starter for the lacrosse team. Recently I earned a Mini Masters User Experience Certification from Rutgers. In 2014, I successfully completed a Web Master’s Certification from the County College of Morris. What I like most about my career is staying on top of the forever changing edge of technology. I am always looking to learn something new.

When I am not sitting at my desk designing, you can find me releasing energy in any physical activity. I love the outdoors, being around people, spending time with my dog and competing in 5k races for charities. I contribute my positive and energetic personality from eating healthy and staying fit. I find that most creative ideas are found on my daily runs. My past involvement in sports has taught me the importance of time management, discipline, and perseverance; qualities that every designer should possess.

What will you be blogging about?

Orca User Journeys.

This blog will consist of all my Web Techniques assignments and learnings. I will be breaking down my assignments into easy to read units that result in a completed project.

What’s the whale all about?

Flipper is a friendly curious whale on the pursuit to simplify and optimize real world experiences he encounters. He is ready to embark on this journey with me, crush pixels and overcome everyday user challenges.?