Receipt Redesign.

Receipt Redesign

Focus to improve customer experience.

Expanding my skills as a designer has been one of my best career decisions. Experience comes with time, commitment and repetition. By combining my design and research skills together I am able to understand the users needs and produce concepts, solutions, and designs that people want to use. Our receipt redesign was a test of my knowledge. It did not only require a visual eye, but also a focus on human behaviors, psychology and understanding why people do what they do. (Does providing the opportunity to save a digital receipt locally to a customers device reduce a step?). When it comes time to collaborate with my teammates we put our best ideas together in order to ensure a positive experience for our customers. The process is rewarding.

I have committed myself to continuous education and look forward to 2016’s web trends. and are 2 of my favorite online sources.

Check out 404 Redesign to learn more about my focus on human behaviors.

“We used personas constantly throughout the project to guide design decisions, priorities, and create empathy amongst the client and our team.”

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