Android Test

Android Test

Creative Lead

“We will be targeting Android Enthusiasts that are existing customers during iPhone Launch.”


Target customers who aren’t interested in Apple devices and promote other device promotions, sales, etc during the iPhone launch. We can leverage the buzz and peer pressure from the iPhone launch to promote Android devices.


  • During iPhone launches, we typically blanket the entire site with all iPhone messaging.
  • We know there are people who specifically do not like Apple products.


  • Customers who do not like Apple devices if presented other device offers and promotions will be more inclined to convert if not viewing non-relevant iPhone advertising.


  • Show/promote the latest Android device(s).
  • Consider using Android icon/logo.



  • Neutral: Speak to the benefits of Android without mentioning or hinting at the iPhone
  • Aggressive: Take a ‘jab’ the iPhone without using the actual words ‘Apple’ or ‘iPhone’.


  • Homepage Marquee
  • Android Gridwall
  • Product Description Page
  • My Verizon Landing page
  • Support pods
  • New Android Landing page

Android Test Landingpage

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